Meet The Artist

    Xo Sufren is a contemporary artist based in San Francisco, bringing a fresh perspective to the art world with their captivating style and flair for creating memorable pieces. Their work is rooted in personal experience and the world around them, and is expressed through dynamic and colorful strokes.

    Since childhood, Xo Sufren has been exploring their mental landscape and has honed their skills through hours of splattering paint on paper bags or canvases. Their work invites viewers to step into their world and experience the emotions they have skillfully captured.

    Xo Sufren's art is a celebration of life itself, shining a light on the beauty in everyday moments and serving as a way to connect with others and build community. Through sharing their stories, Xo Sufren hopes to inspire empathy and understanding and remind us of our shared humanity and the importance of love and compassion.

    In addition to their work as an artist and digital marketing/branding specialist, Xo Sufren is also a philanthropist, using their platform to give back and make a positive impact in the world. They are passionate about raising awareness for causes such as environmental conservation, human rights, and disaster relief, and are committed to making a difference.